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Discovery Channel - "Deadliest Job Interview" Bios. Milne "CC" Pocock - Job Description
Texas STOL Roundup 2018

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2018:

Oshkosh 2018 Bush and Mountain flying seminars presented by "CC" Milne Pocock (Bush Air Website)
CC Pocock's seminars and book signing schedual at EAA Airventure Oshkosh, USA (EAA Website).
Oshkosh STOL competition photo's (Bush Air Website)
Oshkosh STOL competition video in 4K by Rainbow aviation
Oshkosh STOL competition video. Bush Air C170 Ultralight runway Tuesday July 24 2018. by Airshow Stuff.
Oshkosh STOL competition video. Bush Air C170 on main runway. Thursday July 26 2018. by Airshow Stuff.
Oshkosh STOL competiton video. Bush Air C170B on main runway. Wingcam veiw.
Testimonials & Guest Book- Read what pilots & crew have to say about the Bush & Mountain Flying Course and other advanced flight training.
My story - One of many reasons why I left South Africa - CC Pocock
Video - Going out with a BANG! A tribute to the SACAA and RAASA
Magazine articles:
SA Flyer - Article. "The Curious Case of CC and the SACAA" July 2015.
Aviation & Safety - Interview 2009
CC Pocock's Advanced Bush & Mountain Flying Course:
Pilot - UK flying magazine.
Australian Flying
AOPA New Zealand 
UK Pilot
CC Pocock's book - "Bush & Mountain Flying" :
Pilots Post
World Airnews
CC Pocock's Airshow Displays in South Africa 1999 - 2014:
TV & Video clips:
CC Pocock & Bush Air in "Deadliest Job Interview" on Discovery Channel
Bush Air trailer with Melissa Pemberton Light Angle productions YouTube
24 Stunden Südafrika- Bush Pilot German TV Special Feature of CC Pocock & Bush Air
NZZ Format - Frei und einsam: Buschpiloten Swiss TV Special Feature of CC Pocock & Bush Air
Lowveld Airshow- South Africa 2014 - CC Pocock Bushair Cessna 172 YouTube