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Rates (As from January 1st 2019)
All flight and ground instruction personally conducted by "CC" Milne Pocock. (FAA CFI).
Kidwell Airport (1L4), Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada, USA.
(Training is also available at virtually any other location in the US and worldwide by special arrangement).
Advanced Bush & Mountain / Backcountry Flying Course:
Your own aircraft $1000.00
Cessna 172C $1800.00
Cessna 170B $1800.00 (NOTE: Assuming you already have tailwheel experience otherwise you may need additional flight time.)
Tailwheel Training:
Your own aircraft $100/hr flight instruction.
Cessna 170B $250.00 / hr dual only.
Ground school $75/hr
Advanced flight instruction (Your own aircraft) - $100/hr
Ground instruction $75
Cessna 172C Dual $250/hr
Cessna 170B Dual $250/hr
FAA Flight Reviews (BFR) $60/hr ground instruction (Min 1hr) + $80/hr flight instruction (Min 1hr).
Lodging: All pilots attending training at Bush Air stay on site.
$120 per person per day / $170 per 2 people sharing. (Includes all food, drinks, laundry and facilities.)
South Africa.
Advanced Bush & Mountain Flying Courses and FAA flight reviews
NOTE. All pilots attending courses in South Africa (and elsewhere in the world) must supply their own aircraft.

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